Written by Farai Kwenda


The very mention of this brings to mind house chores, child bearing, sex on demand and many other things. Well this would be true 20 years ago but as a nation or species we have evolved to accepting women to being more than this but surprisingly women seem to be the last to accept this and fill in where they are really needed.

Women want equal opportunities but still want to be taken care of. You really can’t have your cake and eat it.

So ladies let me give you what most men my age (undisclosed) think what a woman’s place in the house or relationship is. I will break it down to different aspects of the relationship and maybe we might come to some understanding and you might find it easier to please your man.


Yes we start here. In the olden days sex was a one sided affair. A man chose when, how to do it. The woman had a “yes daddy” mentality. If you still operate this way my sister then I am sorry, in Shona we say unosara. In this day and age it’s a give and take situation. When in closed doors go wild and do it with the man you love. You now have a say and trust me men love a woman who knows what she wants.

Decision Making

It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman supporting him. This is the most truthful statement relevant to this discussion. Men now realize that women have brains, are learned and exposed. We value your input and truth be told you speak sense. This daddy will know what to do attitude is a no no! Most men are worried about being sick or dying and leaving children in the hands of a woman who does not know how to make the decisions even on choice of toilet paper.

Add Value

No man wants to marry a woman who does not add value to him or their household. I personally want a teammate and friend. Someone I can dive into business with and know she can propel me forward as I do the same for her. Housewives are becoming so unpopular these days.

Call it the change in economic times, I do not know. But we all want a partner who has the same vision as we do.

That being said, this does not imply that you do not respect your man etc. you can still do dishes or clean up but understand this is no longer a duty. It is a thing you do out of love.

A man will carry things for u, change tyres for you, spoil and compliment you and he will do so happily as long as it does not feel like a duty.

A woman who follows what I said above will get all she needs from a man in abundance.

Do not sit back ladies.


Farai Jeff Kwenda is a social commentator & writer.

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