Every woman has her own scars, every woman has their own story, and every woman has their behind the scenes moment. The choice is yours to remain a victim of the circumstances or be a victor to stay in the water and drown or pick yourself up.” – Pastor Petunia Chiriseri.

Pastor Petunia Chiriseri

Even if it’s just one arm working, swim out. If it means crawling your way with a plaster to go and fulfill destiny, crawl out and go to fulfill destiny because time and chance are given to them all,” were Pastor Petunia Chiriseri’s encouraging words at a New Life Covenant Church women’s meeting hosted by Pastor Chichi Bismark in March.

The theme/topic of the day was ‘When the unexpected happens to you…’ and pastor Chiriseri preached with such a passion that I was left speechless and gasping for breath and at the same time inspired.

As she recounted her life’s journey, I could not help but admire her positive attitude and courage. For those that do not know her, Petunia Chiriseri was the the wife of the late Apostle Chiriseri, who died in a fatal accident in September 2016, leaving her unconscious and hospitalised.

Here is a woman who was not only involved in a catastrophic car crash, she was an eye witness to her husband’s death, she got physical and emotional scars as a result but despite the pain, she gathered courage and picked herself up.She chose soldier forward on her own terms.

Pastor Petunia highlighted she will be setting up a Charles Chiriseri Foundation with the aim of continuing to build strong family foundations that will give birth to lasting marriages and to offer bridging support to pastors’ widows and their orphaned children.

“Instead of collecting buckets to cry tears into we are collecting buckets to save his legacy so that we can, as mothers and fathers, raise more men and women after God’s heart…”

“We decided to empower other people. Whatever you focus on grows bigger. You can focus on the death and be buried alive or you can focus on the legacy and be encouraged, build on it, help and strengthen other people,” she said.

She emphasised that when the unexpected happens one needs to make a resolve. The Charles Chiriseri Foundation is a release valve for her frustration and emotions.

“If you let your frustrations build up on the inside they will kill you. If you don’t release those emotions to something useful they will kill you, depression can kill you.When hard times knock at your door the choice is yours whether to give up or to never give in, to deny Christ or to love him more because all champions have scars,” added Pastor Petunia.

She also shared four choices that women need to make when the unexpected happens in their lives and these are:

Don’t feel sorry for yourself; that is the best way to go down

Never compare yourself with anybody; because if you compare yourself with people or anything else, that is when you open doors for jealousy, resentfulness and bitterness. The anger will increase. Choose to never compare yourself because that is the thief joy. The devil will just steal your joy. There will always people who are better than you, there are always going to be people look happier than you, there are always going to be people that appear more blessed than you, even though the blessing is the same but the manifestation is different. Understand that as a child of God, right here , right now, you are complete in Christ.

Go through the pain; don’t be in denial/ stop avoiding the pain stop pretending, when you need to break down, break down when you need to cry, cry. At the end of the tunnel there is always light if you have Jesus. As long as you have your breath, just praise Him.

Be excited about where you are going; Vent out your emotions into something don’t just sit there or sleep there and sleep your life away. Life is a gift don’t take it for granted. Health is a gift don’t take it for granted. Do something that will leave an impact on  others and where possible be a mentor. Don’t be full of sour grapes.

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