Article By Rutendo Melody Kanguru
So, I am on my way from work today and i get into the shuttle and unlike every other day, the bus is quite crowded and almost full. I manage to quickly secure one of the few seats close by but unfortunately the 2 guys that come in after me have to stand.
As the bus is about to leave, in comes a lady and she is looking very formal, very well dressed in a well polished formal suit which was carefully paired with some beautiful long heels. Her hair was beautifully made and she looked like a woman that is well groomed and knows her worth.
As soon as she enters, i can’t help but notice that the atmosphere changes. There is all of a sudden an urgency that is in the air. Many of the man sitting in front are un-mistakenly mesmerized by her beauty and her confidence and they keep staring at this gorgeous matador. I could see that all of them were now trying to cook up the best approach to have the great honor of giving up their seat for her.
But just before any of them could make a move, she identified one of the guys who were standing as a  work-colleague and they started chatting.
Needless to say, all the offers that had been so visibly available a few seconds before quickly vanished! This beautiful lady stood all the way from the airport to the city…in her long heels.
I began to wonder though:
How many opportunities have passed us as individuals because of the crowd that we are keeping around us. How many people were willing to be a blessing to us, but because of the crowd we had with us, they got dis-heartened. How many moments have not found room to reveal themselves to us because we are crowded. How many chances have approached us in life but we were too caught up in other mundane things to even notice.
How many times have you met divine connections with enough capacity to change the state of your life forever and bring you inline with your destiny, but you never noticed them because you were too focused on the usual, the ordinary, the comfortable, the common, the regular, the average, the stuff you can always concentrate on tomorrow.
And so we have missed our breaks, when we were well prepared….but just distracted.
I’m trusting God to help me collide with destiny in this season. May you and I meet the right people, sense the urgency of the moment, realize the opportunity, take hold of it and let God change the story of our lives.
May we find favor in the most unlikely places, may we be given seats we never expected by people we never imagined. May we be preferred, may the odds be in our favor.

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