Growing up I was constantly told by my creative art teachers, that – “white and black are universal colours”, these colours, they said, could blend with many hues and still stand out.

Did I believe it? Yes, I did and that is still arguably true.

However, as I grew older and started understanding my environment better, green became (and still is) the most prominent of all colours.

When we think nature, we think green!

When we think fresh, we think green!!

When we think growth, we think green!!!

Think about this; Life is natural, it is fresh and it grows, so does everything within our environment, including us.


The lush green Chirinda Forest in Bvumba, Zimbabwe.

We live in a dynamic environment, where symbiosis is a lifestyle and we cannot receive from our environment without feeding it positively as well. The shades of green our environment hold today are dependent on a lot of factors, one which includes human lifestyle and our activities.

Every little effort made by man, in its smallest measure, contributes to the preservation of our environment. Interestingly, it also determines the state of our future earth.

When I consider how green, life and its elements are, I begin to understand this; white and black may blend in with various hues, but that’s as far as colours go.

Africa is not just about colours, she has a lifestyle with a unique character. A character that employs the freshness of nature in expressing her content, the beautiful colours of Africa, is an offspring of her freshness.

Green – is one of the unique colours that define our environment.

Green – is the basic shade of her natural beauty and character.

Green – is seen all around her, as she yearns to be conserved by man.

Green – is the essence of African beauty, heritage, pride and culture of our environment.

Think green today, tomorrow and always, think Africa!!!

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