Women go through a lot of painful and usually shameful experiences just to please a man and the question on the table is ‘is it really necessary?

Many times we see women engaging in activities that either leave them in pain or with an extra burden, all in the name of love and family. While it is also true that men go through similar experiences although not to the extent that women do. Men equally go out of their way to please their partners.

Let us talk about the different kinds of ‘activities’ that women engage in, their reasons for doing so and the opposite sex’s take on such matters.

The main custom women practice, especially in Zimbabwe, is the tightening of the vagina which many believe makes a man stay with you no matter what.

Diana Mapokotera a concept developer said she would do anything to make her partner happy including using many of the concoctions she gets from her peers like virginal tightening creams and home remedies.

She says her partner shows his appreciation in many ways, “I would do anything for him because he also tries his best to please me although at times I think he goes to the extremes”, said Diana.

She mentioned the use of extreme foreplay done by her partner to make sure she enjoys the sexual episodeof which this writer cannot put on paper.

Some women beg to differ as they believe men can never be satisfied as they are always curious to try something new and have a taste of a different fruit just for the sake of experimenting.

One woman who refused to be identified said she would go through the trouble so that she can enjoy sex, she said it is not only about pleasing men as she would not enjoy the act with a loose vagina.


Many men appreciate the extra length their women go to just so they can enjoy sex.

Lincoln Bikinessi a young Zimbabwean businessman said he would be happy if his partner does all that for him as he thinks it is some evidence of love, “as long as what she is doing is not stressful or harmful I would be more than thrilled to have her do it for me because if you see a woman who goes an extra mile for you she really loves you and wants you to be happy”, said Mr. Bikinessi.

He also mentioned the need to educate each other, both men and women; as far as sexual issues are concerned as some people are not adventurous enough to try new things for it is the little sexual behaviors that make sex a joy in a relationship and not a duty.

Bikinessi encouraged partners to be open, communicate and commend one another and giving credit where it is due in terms of sex, “where your partner has done you good, you should tell her because it is when you do not appreciate her efforts that she goes looking for remedies so she can sexually please you and be commended.”

One man only identified as ‘Mike’ said he is in the business of selling penis enlargement creams and he says business is flourishing as he has many customers of all ages asking him for supplies from pills, creams to sprays. This alone is evident that not only women go out of their way to please their men but also men can go to the extremes to please the women in their lives.

Heath wise

The issue of health comes into perspective with some of the creams and remedies used for such are not clinically certified and in most cases cause infections and in more serious cases cancer.


Can you call it love?Depends on your position, beliefs and culture.

This writer believes it is a good thing when both parties try their best to please one another sexually, physically and emotionally as it can only manifest through love, but before you try the dollar for two creams and herbs keep in mind that sex is usually more to do with the mind than anything else.

Try cleaning your privates with cold water and anti-septic soaps as this is highly recommended (am not a doctor by the way). Above all reciprocate the effort and meet one another half way because a relationship involves two parties and if you communicate well together you will have a healthy, happy and fruitful relationship.

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