As we hold our breath for the arrival of a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe and hopefully a new way of doing politics, here are 8 lessons I have taken to heart as a young person in leadership from the fall of “grace” of  Zimbabwe’s once beloved son, his wife and family.
The Lessons
  1. Step down when you are still at the top of your game. You garner more respect and admiration from those you lead and secure your legacy.
  2. Not everyone who sings your praises while at the top is happy with you. The minute you fall they will spit at the mention of your name. Strive to create strong relationships, friendships and fewer enemies.
  3. Surround yourself with good & wise counsellors, who are not afraid to tell you when you err and need to step down.
  4. Get yourself a friend like David’s Jonathan or Emerson’s Chiwenga. A loyal friend sticks closer than a brother and will save your life when in need.
  5. Marry wisely (whether you are male or female) your partner can build or ruin you.
  6. Don’t turn your back on those that helped you succeed, they can potentially cause your downfall.
  7. On your way up the ladder keep your words minimal just in case you fall before you reach the top. Don’t poke the noses of those around you with sticks.
  8. Teach your children humility especially when in the presence of those you lead. Their character while you are living and in power will ensure your followers will protect them if attacked by your enemies once you are out of power or dead.

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