Africa at war with itself


My heart bleeds
My soul cries out
My eyes are swollen from nights of crying…
My heart is besotted with sorrow
For mother Africa is at war…

In the west the voices of my sisters cry out…
219 girls lost without a trace
At night the shouts of my friends keep me from sleep
148 scholars in the east killed without a thought..
Tortured & set ablaze.. the cries of the men & women in Durban invades my thoughts sending chills down my very spine..

I question how and when my brother turned from blood to enemy…
When my mother’s sons replaced love with hatred
I ask who taught them to carry the machete against their own, to fire the bullet straight into their mother’s heart…

Our leaders keep mute
They refuse to unite
They watch from a distance
Hiding behind their guarded palaces
They release worthless statements that do little to stop the carnage..
From a distance they watch & plot on how they can gain from the suffering of the masses..
While daily Africa’s youth is killed, with them the hopes of the continent..

Africa at war with itself…

Where brother hates brother & sister distastes the very sight of sister…
For borders mapped out not by you
For religions your father’s knew not of
For languages that once made your diversity a beauty..

My heart bleeds
My soul cries
For the blood shed my soul knows no rest..
The voices from the ground torment me
When will Africa rest?


I write this piece with a heaviness in my heart that I think can never be taken off. As a child my tears flow for my mothers and sisters who live with the fear of being hunted like animals by their own brothers, as a woman I cry for the hundreds of African youths whose lives are lost nearly everyday in this continent due to senseless religious wars, as a sister my heart bleeds for my brothers who at this hour live in fear because they have been labelled foreigners in their brother’s land, I cry for the dreams I know my forefathers had for this continent. I can almost hear the voice of Kwame Nkrumah crying out “THIS IS NOT THE CONTINENT WE FOUGHT TO BUILT!”.
Where has our spirit gone, that we have such disregard for each other’s lives? Where is ubuntu? Was that spirit only a myth our grandparent told us to put us to sleep? When will the peace come to my motherland? I ask yet no one answers, instead we continue to raise machetes and guns to kill our own, we sharpen knives and make petrol bombs to kill our mothers, daily our children live in fear of the monsters we call brothers,when will it end?
We must not be silent, we must raise our voices lest we perish!

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